Thursday, March 12, 2009

Huge Waste

I'm not sure why they even print phone books any more. I can't remember the last time I cracked one open to look for a number or business name--have these people heard of the internet? These books actually account for up to 10% of all landfill waste!

We just received another delivery of these wasters and I decided to take them directly to the recycling center. On the way to the car, my neighbor told me she had books to recycle, so I took hers to save on gas. On the way to the recycling, I picked up my daughter from preschool and a friend mentioned she was headed to the same place. I gave her our books which collectively filled her car trunk. It was a funny chain of events of people making conscious choices. Better yet, I found this site so you can opt out of delivery all together.

Do whatever you can to make small changes in your daily life to help reduce waste. Or, find other cool uses for things that would typically go in the garbage, like this clever couch I found on

Be smart. Be bold. Be happi.

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