Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thanks to House Elves

I love it when my parents come to town. It seems like the few days they are here, my laundry gets done, my floors are swept and all the beds are made. This happens when they aren't here, but the fact that I am not the one doing the chore, makes it all the sweeter.

I had a chuckle today when I came home from a meeting, only to find that my own bed, which I haphazardly made in a rush out the door, was perfectly folded with pillows fluffed and lined in tidy rows. It brought to mind what it would be like if I had a little house elf like Dobby from Harry Potter who was responsible for daily chores. Oh, to dream.

I am usually on my hands and knees after the kids go to bed each night trying to scrape whatever has been dropped, flung, or stuck to the floors and walls throughout that day. When my parents are here, I'm on the couch, glass of wine in hand, and actually relaxing. Ahh, thank goodness for parents and house elves. It's wonderful to have some extra hands.

Be smart. Be bold. Be happi.

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